Green Plastic Recycling

Recycling your Post-Industrial Plastic - Reusing our Resources for a Better, Greener Tomorrow



  • Are you a manufacturer of plastic products that needs to deal with its scrap runners, purgings, trimmings, and parts?
  • Does your business use plastic totes, trays, crates, barrels or other containers that get thrown out when they have fulfilled their purpose or are worn out?
  • Do you create large volumes of scrap plastic in the normal course of your business?
  • Do you install plastic pipe or conduit that generates cut-offs and trimmings or that needs to be replaced periodically?
  • Do you want to help your business become Green and Recycle its plastic?


If you can say yes to any of these questions, we can help turn your trash and scrap plastic headaches into a Green revenue stream for your business.

Help US help YOU help the ENVIRONMENT!

We are a large recycler of plastic materials. We can handle many different forms of plastic, from small parts and runners to purgings and parts weighing hundreds of pounds. We can accept oddly shaped parts and pipe and conduit, even 4 feet in diameter.

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